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Are you an inventor and asking:

  • How do I register?
  • How do I patent my invention?
  • How do I engineer my way around the US Patent Office?
  • How can I avoid paying patent attorney prices and still get professional assistance?

You have questions we have solutions.

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Company Mission

Patent Alchemy's mission is to prepare and or prosecute patent applications in the fields including :
| Electrical | Software | Business Models | Internet | Optical | Device Components | Mechanical | Physics |

Services Provided

  • Technical Feasibility and Associated Factors
  • Patentability and PTO requirements
  • Patent Applications and Provisional Patents
  • Prior Art Searches and Patent Prosecution
  • Appeals, Consulting and Brainstorming

US PTO Reg. No 52923
No charge for initial consultation and cost quotation at realistic rate of $90/hour